In 2016 Newborough Primary trialled a BYOD program for students in years 5 and 6.  From the results of the program the school decided to expand the program to the Year 4 students in 2017. After surveying parents, staff and students each year of the trial, the results were presented to the Newborough Primary School Board. After reviewing the data the Board has endorsed the BYOD program as an option for students in Year 4-6 from 2017 onwards. 

We are also refining the criteria that we have for the devices. 

Below is some of the information required to participate in the  BYOD program and some general information regarding technology usage for students. 

School Recommended Devices 

During the 2016 trial, the school gave parents a range of options to provide a device. After having run the program for a number of years, in 2020 we streamlined the type of device that best suits our needs. Our preference for devices are for a 2 in 1 device or laptop. 


Ideally device specifications would be:

  • Dual Core (2Ghz) Processor (minimum) ie Intel Celeron processor
  • 4Gb RAM
  • 2 USB ports
  • *Must be Windows 10 if running Microsoft Operating System
  • Dual Band Wireless. (preferred)
  • 128Gb SSD Hard Drive Preferred
  • Software: Windows 10 comes with a built in Anitvirus (Windows Defender) Apple products may require an Antivirus installed.  Microsoft Office 365 provided by the Department of Education.


Specifications that are not essential but are nice to have include:

  • Touch screen
  • Front and/or rear facing cameras
  • Stylus
  • Increased RAM, Hard Drive and/or improved processor ie Intel i3/i5/i7


 Our preferred devices include: 

Lenovo Laptop Lenovo Yoga 11e

                 Lenovo 11e Notebook                                                  Lenovo Yoga 11e 


 Apple Macbook Air/Pro (Not compatible with Churchlands SHS)


Purchasing devices  

Devices can be purchased from anywhere; however, there are some things of which you will need to be aware. The devices which are purchased are parent owned devices and it is the responsibility of the parents to ensure that they come loaded with the required software and anitivirus. The devices need to be charged at home ready for use at school. The issue of warranty and insurance is also the responsibility of the parents, the school accepts no responsibility for damage to the device due to incorrect or unsafe practice by the student. We have two suppliers who are able to meet the requirements of the school and offer two different purchasing solutions. 


Stott & Hoare 

Stott & Hoare offer a full service purchase option for parents. They will supply a school recommended device to parents which includes software installation, warranty and a repair service built into the price. One of the benefits to consider with Stott & Hoare devices is that these devices are the same that they supply Churchlands SHS and are imaged so they can be used at Churchlands SHS. They can be ordered online through the purchasing portal or by telephone: 

Stott & Hoare Parent Brochure

Ph: 9244 000 E:


Helpful Information 



Stott & Hoare Information

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