Facilities at Newborough Primary School

Since then, extensive renovations and extensions have created a pleasant, modern, educational facility.

This includes:

  • A purpose built library
  • An undercover area that is fully enclosed
  • Excellent early childhood facilities.

Expansive lawn areas, large trees and modern playground equipment, are features of the school environment. The school is fully air conditioned providing for optimum teaching and learning conditions.

A keen environmental focus is evident with recycling and a tree nursery being emphasised. All of the children are involved in the recycling program that also incorporates a vegetable garden.

Computers are used in all classrooms and a computer laboratory has been established. All computers are networked and each class has access to the Internet. The school has recently moved to the departments 'Connect' which provides the students and staff with enhanced online learning and communication opportunities. The development of Interactive Whiteboards in classrooms has added to the teaching and learning programs.

The school has a canteen that operates for three days each week (Monday, Wednesday and Friday) under the direction of a canteen manager supported by parent volunteers. It meets all of the regulations in providing a range of healthy food for students.

A before and after school care facility operates on the school premises each school day, and a full day service during the school holidays. This facility is managed by a private agency.

School Map located here