Teachers at Newborough Primary School

Staff at the school, both teaching and non teaching, know the children at all levels and are able to assist in many ways as the children move through the year levels. Their primary focus is on the education and healthy development of the children that attend Newborough Primary School. There are a number of policies and agreements in place, to ensure the students get the highest possible quality of teaching and learning, and a memorable experience at Newborough Primary School.


Kindergarten Green

Room 1

Pip Murdoch (Mon/Wed/ Alt Fri)

Kindergarten Red

Room 1

Bev Thornett (Tue/Thur/ Alt Fri) 


Room 3

Lori Beatty


Room 4

Katie Ahrens

Year 1

Room 9

Vicki Tennant

Year 1

Room 10

Bree O'Dea (Mon/Tues/Thur) Emily Anderson (Wed/Fri)

Year 2

Room 8

Sarah Lydon

Year 2

Room 7

Nadine Murrary

Year 3

Room 6

Justine Watson

Year 3

Room 5

Mandy Farmer (Mon-Wed)/ Megan Saggers (Thur/Fri)

Year 4

Room 12

Iain Freeman (Mon/Tues/Thur/Fri)  / Megan Saggers (Wed)

Year 4/5

Room 13

Peter Blanch

Year 5

Room 14

Natalie Kos

Year 6

Room 15

Lauren Danker

Year 6

Room 16

Elisa Phillips

Music/Performing Arts


Andria Snelson(Tues-Fri)

Physical Education


Kris Williams (Mon/Tues/Thur/Fri)



David Pemberton (Wed/Thur/Fri)



Sam Metcalf (Mon-Thur)



Joni Gardner (Mon/Tues)