Teaching and Learning


Newborough Primary acknowledges that families are being encouraged now by the State Government to keep their children at home if they have the capacity to do so. In order to provide support to families, the Department of Education has made available home learning packages and resources. The link for this is https://www.education.wa.edu.au/learning-at-home/learning-resources-by-year-level 

The Western Australian Department of Education’s position is that teachers are not expected to provide work packages for students from the school for parents who are keeping students at home at this moment as the priority is for staff is to maintain focus on classroom learning programs.

However, as a school we have chosen to provide parents self-isolating with an outline of the teaching content which would be completed in the classroom for the rest of Term One with some suggested resources and websites. 

Please click on each Year Level link under the "Also in this section" area of this page to find resources to support home learning for your child/children. 

Nothing will replace the face to face teaching of the classroom and these activities are not intended to be a replacement of the curriculum provided at school, but instead, advice and ideas on how to support learning at home. Teachers will not be marking the work you do with your children at home and we encourage you to provide feedback immediately to your children on their work and progress as this is when it is most effective.

We will not be sending home student work books from this point but do recommend that parents purchase a cheap exercise book for students to do any work in.

At this stage, staff are starting to prepare for online learning for the future based on future directives from the Department of Education. This is in progress. Newborough Primary School will endeavour to keep parents up to date if this happens.

We would like to thank parents for their ongoing support and kindness to our staff during this time. As we all acknowledge, this is a highly unusual situation, which is challenging for everyone, especially those people affected by job losses in our community. Newborough Primary School will continue to do our best to support our school community to the best of our ability in the circumstances we are governed by. Please stay safe and healthy.

Sincere thanks to the teaching staff at Newborough Primary School for organising the work provided on this website for parents to use at home. A fantastic reflection of Teamwork, Respect, Kindness and Challenging Ourselves during this difficult time.