Performing Arts


Students at Newborough Primary School take part in a one hour session of Performing Arts every week.  A focus is placed on music, drama and movement based activities.


Year 1-6 students learn how to play a variety of instruments – including the xylophone and other hand-held percussion instruments.  A focus is also placed on vocal training – with each class learning a number of traditional and modern songs every year.  Junior classes spend a large amount of time participating in movement based activities, while senior classes learn how to read and write music notation.


The Performing Arts Specialist delivers a program that promotes team building, conflict resolution and confidence.  A safe environment is provided for all students, giving them the freedom to willingly participate in activities.  The drama program at Newborough Primary School gives students the skills to perform at public events such as the bi-annual musical and school assemblies.


Students at Newborough Primary School participate in dance lessons each year with either Humphrey's Social Dance lessions or Edu Dance


The school has two choirs in operation; a Junior Choir (Years 3-4) and a Senior Choir (Years 4-6).  There are no auditions held, with all interested students welcome to join.  The choir performs at school assemblies, special functions and outside music festivals and events.

School of Instrumental Music (SIM)

The SIM program provides an opportunity for selected students from Years 5-6 to participate in a specialist instrumental program.  Lessons are generally weekly and are conducted by specialist SIM teachers.  Instruments offered at Newborough Primary School are the flute, clarinet, trumpet and guitar.

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